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Beady Monkey Making Whimsical Jewelry!

About Beady Monkey

By Jessica Hill

This silly monkey has been creating jewelry for about 13 years now and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.  Even when I was a kid I was covered in paste, paint and paper.  I have always enjoyed creating 3- dimensional artwork, so, delving into jewelry was a natural transition for me.   Knowing that I can incorporate my sense of style and my sense of humor into wearable art always puts a smile on my face.  I love adding vintage elements with brightly colored glass and stones creating unique and fun pieces.  I also enjoy creating collage art and shrinking the images down to create my own pendants and beads.  I consider myself to be one lucky monkey, knowing that each piece I create has a bit of me and a lot of my love, and that I get to share all this with others.

Meet our Handcraft Consignors: Laura Finney Prichard

We’ll be posting a bio & photos for some of our wonderful Handcraft Consignors. This week, meet Laura Finney Prichard. She creates beautiful bead-work which we’ll be featuring soon at Funky Munky. Stop by our store to see what’s new!

Laura Finney Prichard

I saw a friend wearing an amulet pouch and decided that I wanted to make them. I bought a cheap, four-page book and it taught me my first peyote stitch…I went gangbusters from there.

The earth inspires me. I love to use tones that our found in nature. I mostly use gemstones today because they come from the earth. They feel like they are alive. If you wera a stone around your neck, it is cold when you first put it on and by the end of the day it feels like it is on fire. I swear some of them have healing properties as well. I have real bad fibromyalgia and scoliosis and there are certain stones that I wear that makes my neck pain disappear. I never believed that until it happened to me.

The beads don’t allow me to think about anything. They take on a life of thier own when they are in my hands and they turn themselves into what they want to be. I am just the vessel that gets them there. I chose this because it is

the only thing in my life that I have never grown tired of. I can run my fingers through beads all day long and never get tired of looking at them sparkle or the way that they feel.

My ideas come from the beads themselves. They almost talk to me. I can not listen to any music that has words in it while I bead because I might miss what a bead has to say. It is funny, most days I will be beading and I notice at sometime through the day that I am working with the same color that I am wearing. Must be the colors that talk to me as well.

I have been beading since 1994. I am self taught. I get my beads all over the internet. I have beaded on anything from leather bookcovers to a telescope and everything in between. I work with seed beads and gemstones. I can do any stitch known to man and a few I

think I made up myself.

I do one of a kind pieces so that nobody ever receives exactly the same thing. I teach classes to anyone who is interested. My specialty is custom orders. I LOVE to take someone’s idea from inside their head and make it come to life. One of my favorite things to make is wedding jewelry. I can make anything from Native American pieces to the Victorian era. I even make jewelry for dogs and cats! I can make beaded purses, medicine bags, lighter cases, barretts, candeliers, pillow ties, tassels, fan pulls, hair combs, picture frames….You Need It, I’ll BEAD It!