How it All works

Bring in clean, (Must be Freshly Laundered!!!) ironed clothing from Mon thru Fri 11am to 5pm or Sunday 12:00am to 3:00pm.  Items must be free of stains, any kind of odor, and pet hair. We no longer accept clothing in garbage bags. They must be nicely folded in a tub, bin or shopping bags.  Items must be stylish and purchased no longer than 2 years. Please do not put them in garbage bags. You will receive 45% of whatever we sell it for on the floor.

Items will be kept on the floor for 60 days. If it doesn’t sell within the 60 day time period  they will become store property and donated to Helping Hands. Only exceptions for pick up items after it expired are for designer Purses/bags ONLY!!  You can call us anytime to check on your account and if you do have money in there you can either stop by to get your payout or use it in the store. We have the right to donate items that have any flaws such as rips, stains or odors.

Bring in clean ironed items in Sun 12-3 or M-F 11-5 We won’t accept dirty or wrinkled clothing.
Items must be in style and in current fashion.
Wait while we look them over you are free to look around our store.
Items are left for a 60 day selling period.

We’ll pay you 45%  of whatever we sell it for on the floor.

Checks are issued any time, on demand.
Call us anytime to see how we’re doing for you!

Have the following paperwork filled-out for faster service:

(You do not have to write each item down. We just need your name, address, phone# and signature …. if there is something you would want back if it does not sell then please list those items otherwise they could be donated to Helping Hands of Salem  if they don’t sell)

Thank you for checking us out and please check out our FaceBook page for new and exciting things!


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