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Store Hours: 

Sunday 11-4 Monday-Saturday 10:30-6:00

Consignment Hours: Sunday 11:00-3:00 Mon-Sat: 10:30-5:30

We take in Seasonable Items Only

1. Items must be freshly laundered, no rips, stains, missing buttons, no odors of any kind. No wrinkles, no piling. Items must look new and must be in TREND!!. We more than likely won't take in clothes that are older than 2 years.

2. Items must be packed in shopping totes, baskets and neatly folded. We don't accept items in luggage, garbage bags or storage boxes. We can not accept items that have been sitting in the trunk of a car or stored for a period of time. We prefer not to be on hangers.

3. Bags and shoes are preferred to be designer. Bags should not be worn on the handles or stained. Shoes must be cleaned and no older than 2 years. High end designer bags (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc) must be authentic. We prefer the original receipts, or an authenticity card. If we need to authenticate we charge $20 to get it authenticate. If we feel if it's not authentic we will donate the bag. By law we are not allowed to sell fake bags.

4. We accept designer fragrances, sunglasses, unused makeup and gift like items that are on trend.

5. We do not accept children, baby, maternity items. Nor do we take in vintage clothing.

6. We prefer not to take in discount store brands such as Walmart, Sears, JC Penney, Old Navy, Rue 21, CHarlotte Russe, Costco, etc

How It Works:

You receive 45% of whatever we sell it on the floor. We keep the items for 60 days. If the items sell you have money in your account and can get that anytime we are open (we prefer Mon-Fri). If any of your items do not sell after 60 days it becomes store property and then we donate it to Helping Hands. Items you may claim back before the 60 day are Designer bags and shoes that are priced more than $50 (We will price the items).All other items will be donated.

You may use your money as store credit or you can get a check or cash!

We reserve the right to mark down or donate any items that have flaws, too worn or if we missed any ripped, stained items. Fake brand names will be donated.

You can call us any time we are open to check on your account and see if you have any money :) We do not call.